Emma's Fabric Studio Open Day - July 2014

Posted on 19 July 2014

The Summer 2014 Open Day has been and gone, and if you missed it, you missed some yarn bombing fun!

Again, the Open Day was held at the beautiful Tithe Barn in Lenham, owned by the lovely Valerie and John Arthur and ably assisted by the fabulous Martin, our retired village GP. Tithe Barn sits in the grounds of Court Lodge and was built in 1342. Originally there were 2 barns but only one remains, overlooking the church.

Greeting you at the entrance would be Valerie's 'Hilly Billy' the beautiful, old (and still road worthy) Citroen. We dolled her up a bit. When I say 'we' I mean Judi, Jan, Sam and Lorna. They love to knit and crochet and using their own creations and a number of Jo's blankets and my unfinished projects (LOTS) they were able to put together an awesome sight for our guests. More info on the creation of Hilly Billy's new look will follow in a future blog post. Hilly Billy wasn't the only one to get a spruce up, Trevor and Terrence (the tractors), also got a little cosmetic surgery! Food and drink was provided at the 'Barn Cafe', with a garden theme designed by Enid and Lucy. They provided a delicious selection of tray bakes and cakes. I can't vouch for how delicious they were, because by the time I got to eat, there was barely anything left (I think that says it all)! The ploughman's lunches were designed in keeping with the Barn. We split the Barn into two sections and spent 4 days beforehand decorating.

Putting on such a labour intensive event takes: 24 helpers, 4 dogs, 1 toddler, 2 fabric trollies, 1 photographer, 1 doctor, 1 farmer, 1 vintage car, 2 vintage tractors, 1 giant hot air balloon, 3 twinkly trees, 100 of Emma's unfinished crochet projects, 3 home made jams, 2 tills, 1 Queen, 1 John Wayne. So, I must say a big thank you to Enid, Lucy, Jan, Judi, Jo, Jenny, Lorna, Sam, Becky, Mary, Sue, Kim, Jeanette, Alice, Fiona, Ellen, Hannah, Charlotte, Alex, Graham, Dave, Stu, John and Ash. I also want to say a big thank you to Indi and Trevor for coming along, I will write all about our support of SANDS and the reasons for it in a future blog post.  I'm also grateful to Valerie, John Arthur and Martin for allowing us to invade!

Now, normal service resumes, we are preparing for October!

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