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Posted on 09 May 2017


It's good to have a little update every now and then, to keep us feeling fresh! Fear not, apart from navigational and design changes, your account is still safe and secure and your reward points will transfer.


So, here's what's new:


1.  Our New Look - Finding Your Way Around

We've opted for some design changes that have streamlined the way you can navigate the website. Instead of a classic menu format, we're offering the opportunity to filter in/out. Previously, if you wanted to view all the fabric and THEN select the blue ones and THEN the spots, it would have been a touch tricky.  By using our new filters, you can easily do this at the touch of a button.


2.  An Integrated News Section

Gone is the separate Wordpress blog that was becoming a little difficult in it's old age. We'd been struggling to integrate the two for a while, but now you can view our latest news either via the top menu bar or by scrolling down the home page.

We've never classed ourselves as 'bloggers' anyway, we primarily used it to share the odd crafty escapade and to show you new and popular products. Now, you only ever need to visit our homepage to see our latest news.


3.  Enhanced Search Facility

Searching is so much fun... when done right. You can now search for anything. In fact why don't you search for the word 'Nude'. It will return a search result and it won't be X rated!

You can search for anything, animals, leaves, cars, pink, owls and hopefully we'll have something that fits the bill.


4.  Payment via Paypal or Credit/Debit Card

You will no longer need to leave our website every time you go to pay. Choose a credit or debit card to pay via the site, or you can still select to pay by Paypal. The choice is yours. 


5.  Posting to North America, Australia and New Zealand

We have re-introduced the functionality to send to you! Your fabric will be weighed at the checkout stage and you'll be able to get a postage quote.


6.  New Fabric

We have introduced 200 new fabrics upon our re-launch. We hope you like them!


7.  Free Postage Threshold

If you're in the UK, our free postage threshold has reduced from £60 to £50.


8.  Soft Toy Manufacturers

If you're a soft toy manufacturer and need the latest certification information, please check this link. We've even got some fabrics tested at our own cost, to make your lives easier. Details will follow in the week after the relaunch of the website.


We hope you like the new site. If you have any queries and need some help, please don't hesitate to contact us.






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