Tara Tuesdays - Part 14

Posted on 17 July 2012

Royal Visit, Summer Fayre and my first commission....

A week or so ago, we were graced with a Royal Visit in my village as part of the Jubilee Celebrations! The Earl and Countess of Wessex came along to see the Village Charity Rotherfield St Martin; you can find out more about the Charity here.  There are also some fabulous pictures (better than mine) of the day itself. I am currently the Minute Secretary for my sins and knew about the secret visit in advance which was very exciting!

Unfortunately the afternoon was invite only so I only got to see Edward & Co when they were leaving the RSM Offices and heading down to the Village Hall. I did have my camera however so got a couple of shots to share with you. It was a rather exciting week as we also had our Village Summer Fayre which RSM had organised along with my local pub and this was held on the Millenium Green which is a view I am fortunate enough to have from my lounge. The Fayre had taken months of planning by the organisers and we were all concerned with what the weather was going to be like seeing as it has been so dreadful of late.

My sewing girlfriends and I had a stall and we had previously chipped in to buy a gazebo for future fairs which was £50 well spent! Mary and I (with the help of her daughter Poppy) set up our stall which I have to admit looked pretty good! Normally we cram far too much stuff on but as we had 2 tables put together the whole space was much bigger for us to display our handmade items. Mary’s husband Mike made our crates and our beautiful sign and he sold something before we had even set our stuff up!!!! Apart from a big shower when we were setting up, the weather was quite nice and we all sold a few things too which was an added bonus. You may remember my cushions that I made and talked about on a previous blog entry? Well they all went which I was delighted with! We had a really good day and I think RSM raised over £2,000 which is fantastic! Pics below!

Now onto my first commission. This story is totally true but really random. A week or so ago a lady knocked on my door with an old manky curtain. I was still in my dressing gown and didn’t know her from Adam. My friend at the Florist had sent her over to see me as she wanted me to make her some door stops from this curtain. We briefly discussed her requirements and I took her details and said I would call her once they were ready. The curtain is a salmon pink colour and I think silk and it had thick brocade down the side and at the bottom. I had to wash it but then I couldn’t get it dry so I decided to take the whole thing apart (pic below). As you can see, I managed to save most of the curtain and ended up with the lining, the interlining, the main fabric, the brocade, the hooks that it was hung up with and the metal buttons used to weight the curtain.

My friend 'Mags 2 Jags' has a template for door stops which I borrowed and I whipped these 4 beauties up today. What do you think? I was actually really rather pleased with how they had turned out. I underestimated how much rice I would need to fill them with so had to use lentils as well! Hopefully the lady will like them and who knows, this could be the start of bigger things to come!


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