Tara Tuesdays - Part 16

Posted on 07 August 2012

A Great Day Out!

Another busy week has passed, where does the time go?! Can’t believe it is August already, 4 months to Christmas if you aren’t already counting, sorry, maybe it’s just me that gets excited so early!

This weekend we had our dear friends Andy and Claire come and stay from Shropshire as they had more Olympic events to go to! Last week they snuck in some football and beach volleyball games/matches and this week they had volleyball and hockey to look forward to! I am sure you agree that the Olympics have been just FANTASTIC to watch; I have never screamed so much (apart from at a Keane concert, ahem) or tried to get into the TV willing on Team GB as I have over the last week! I’ve even cried especially when Gemma Gibbons thanked her Mum for winning her Silver medal! Not sure what my highlight has been so far as there have just been SO many! Can’t wait to purchase the Olympic stamps too! Anyway, as usual I digress!

Andy, Claire and their children came and stayed on Fri and went home on Sun evening. They arrived quite late so once the kids were in bed, we had a lovely Spanish themed meal of chorizo in red wine followed by Pork in an almond sauce which is a delish Rick Stein recipe from his latest Spain book. Cheese followed accompanied by plenty of wine! After a late 02.30 finish we went to bed and had a lovely lay in on Sat which was a real treat! A chillax day on Sat, I went riding and rode Bomber who did me proud! We did some dressage and he was such a good boy jumping well for me too! I know it won’t last mind!

We had a great meal in our local pub on the Sat night and then after breakfast on Sun we headed off to Birling Gap and Beachy Head. We have never seen so many cyclists all of which we named Bradley and Bradleyella (!) and we stopped off at the Long Man of Wilmington first for some photos. The last time we were here was in September for hubby’s birthday when the weather was foul! I can highly recommend Birling and Beachy if you haven’t been before! We were very lucky with the weather too as it wasn’t that great at home and we thought the coast would be cold and breezy, far from it, it was really hot!

Going into the sea had to be done, but trying to get out was hysterical as the pictures below will show! The lyrics from my favourite Keane song from their new album Strangeland sprang to mind:

“The ground is uneven

You stumble from day to day

You tread where it's easy

Although your feet are like lead

And you gotta get underway

Drag your heart up to the starting line"

Made me laugh anyway! After a great day and a gorge lunch at the pub in Beachy Head we headed home, exhausted! Normally if friends come and stay you might get flowers, or chocolates or wine. A&C always bring wine but this time they surprised us with this lovely selection of home grown veg freshly picked from their garden! How lovely is that?! I'm looking forward to using them all, bet they taste delish! It was lovely to see our friends again and can’t wait to get together again soon!

Off to see the Men’s heavyweight Weight Lifting this evening at the Excel Centre so will report on that for you next time!

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