Tara Tuesdays - Part 22

Posted on 18 September 2012

Birthday Treats

Although it isn’t my birthday until next month, I recently saw my Mum and Dad and as I haven’t seen them for a while it was really fab to catch up on all their news and show them what we have been up to all summer in the house and garden. When they arrived my Dad was carrying a wooden object with four legs which I later found out was for me for my birthday! As we had SO much to talk about I was putting off having a sneaky look but gave in eventually when they insisted! This is what I found! How gorgeous is this!

This sounds awful but after seeing this lovely sewing box I couldn’t wait for them to go so that I could have a good old rummage through all of the lovely stash inside! I had to wait for several hours before I could have a proper look, so with a glass of vino in one hand I took every single thing out to have a proper inspection. I was delighted with the goodies that I found inside as you will see from my photos!

What is lovely about this box is that the contents are someone else’s life which I now have the pleasure of keeping and adding to! I can’t decide what my favourite thing was although I absolutely adore the knitting gauge, just look at it!

I did chuckle when I found IKEA elastic amongst everything as well mind! I cleaned the inside out properly as it was a bit dusty and then put everything back inside and then took it all out again the following day to take some proper photographs to share with you!

I have also used some of the Chadwicks wool and nylon thread “for mending and reinforcing” to fix one of hubby’s oldest jumpers that had holes under the armpits and the collar had come away on it too. I haven’t seen these before but will try and look them up as it is always worth having stuff like this around, so much stronger than normal cotton!

Some of the cotton reels look like they have seen better days, I think they have been eaten by something, not that it matters as it all adds to the history of it!

Anyway, I hope you agree that this was just a perfect and really thoughtful gift, my parents know me so well - god I hope so anyway!


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