Tara Tuesdays - Part 24

Posted on 02 October 2012

I shall go to the ball!

Very recently my husband received his belated Christmas gift which was a subscription to "The Chap" magazine which if you are not aware of it it is "A JOURNAL FOR THE MODERN GENTLEMAN" and is absolutely fantastic! Even I like it! Number 10 on the Manifesto is "THOU SHALT ALWAYS CULTIVATE INTERESTING FACIAL HAIR. By interesting we mean moustaches, not beards". I think this might be why our friends got it for my old man as up until very recently and only because he needs to renew his passport, he had a fantastic 'tache that he used to wax and curl regularly! The magazine has great articles and interviews inside and lots of top tips. You can also write in to "The Butler" which is a bit like "Dear Deirdre". One of the questions in issue 57 was from a chap called Cuthbert Whistler who asked " I am approaching you with a rather discreet gentlemanly matter. Is there anything one may do to prevent the unsightly damp crescents under the arms of ones shirts during the warmer weather? Someone has suggested shaving the armpit hair off altogether, though this seems a step to far to me. What are your opinions?". This request in itself really made me chuckle!

The reason I am writing about the mag is that it has sneakily and very cunningly led me into the amazing world of Vintage and Retro clothing which I think deep down I have always loved but never really investigated or looked into. The adverts in the mag are for companies like "What Katy Did" which sells faux lingerie, shapewear, corsets & stockings inspired by silver screen sirens of the 1940's & 1950's. Then there is "Tara Starlet" (what a top name) which states" whether you are a Pin-Up Poser, a Swingin' Rock 'n' Roller, or a Homefront Heroine, you will find the most authentic of attire at Tara Starlet. There is also "Vivien of Holloway", "20th Century Foxy",  "Heyday" and "Pin-Up Parade" to name but a few. For those of you that know me really well I am neither an aspiring Pin-Up or a Homefront Herione, however as I have a big birthday next month and am going to Claridges for dinner with my husband and dear friends Andy and Claire, I thought it might be nice to get myself glammed up with a new frock for the occasion. And this is where my slight obsession began!

I have had a great time looking at all of the websites above and others that came up in random Google searches and found myself a great dress at Pin-Up Parade. I contacted the lovely Helen who runs the website and asked for her advice and she promptly came back to me asking me to take my measurements so that she could advise on the best style dress for me. All I can say is the tape measure never lies, however Helen didn't bat an eyelid when I went back to her with my measurements! I wouldn't have been able to see her even if she did! Anyway, back to my story. After advice from Helen, I eventually decided on the Secretary Circle dress pictured here which I hope you will agree is GORGEOUS!

I was beside myself with excitement when it arrived a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to try it on! I have to say, it fits me perfectly and looks great! It felt really comfortable and is one of those dresses that you know is right as soon as you put it on! Of course the next thing to look for was shoes. Now, I am not good in heels and as my Mum will tell you always have trouble with shoes that I have to take back, it is a standing joke between us both! Again I asked Helen for advice and she recommended I try Miss L Fire and Rocket Originals websites. After much deliberation I fell in love with these gorgeous lovelies and have since ordered them! They haven't arrived yet but I am hoping they will look great and fit me and more importantly that I can walk in them!!!!!


Of course it didn't stop there! I found a great website called Retro Chick where Gemma blogs about all sorts of things and one that was of particular interest to me was about red lipsticks! I do of course wear make up but haven't done so much of late, but thought it would be fun to try out the whole 50's look with tick eyeliner and red lippy! I have had a couple of practice runs and after a somewhat surprised look on my first attempt, I felt more comfortable on my second attempt! It was also a really good excuse to rummage through my stash and throw away all of my old makeup!

After reading Gemma's lippy reviews I went to Boots and tried a No7 lipstick as she had recommended this brand and also the Tunbridge Wells store had it's 3 for 2 promotion plus a £3 off voucher, result! The lady that served me was really helpful and was either being kind or lying as she said my makeup looked perfect (not bad for only my second attempt) and that my skin was snowy white! I ended up coming away with a lippy in "Glam" which she had applied, a lipliner and a nail varnish, pic attached with my Bobbi Brown eye liner which I have been using for the ticks!

During my search I came across Jo-Jo and Betty and fell in love with this bracelet that I thought would match my frock perfectly even though it is a lighter shade of green.

When I contacted Jo I asked her if she had any matching items available and I managed to get a lovely pair of stud earrings and a fab hair clip! All of these goodies arrived at the weekend and they are just perfect!

The last thing I need to get is some nylons, but at £10 a pair they aren't cheap!

I am so looking forward to getting all dressed up for my big night out and will share some pictures with you so that you can see me all glammed up!

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