Tara Tuesdays - Part 29

Posted on 13 November 2012

No one would have believed....

That these knitted reindeers would be SO damn popular! I started making these last year and had several order requests which I just managed to keep on top of! I'm not talking hundreds but they do take time to make even thought they are quite small! The actual knitting is the easy and quick part, it's the putting together and faffing that takes the time!


ANYWAY, I had made these three lovelies for the Christmas Market that my friend Kerrie Harman organised in my village this weekend. The proceeds of the raffle went to the charity SANDS which is a stillbirth and neonatal death charity which supports anyone affected by the death of a baby and promotes research to reduce the loss of babies' lives. Kerrie has worked EXTREMELY hard to get the event organised and as you will see later on from the pictures, her hard work paid off! The Fair was held in our local Village Hall and I pitched up early to help set up as I hadn't helped distribute the leaflets that Kerrie had made up so was feeling slightly guilty! Typically it was raining when I arrived but I managed to help Kerrie ferry her bits and bobs into the hall and helped her to get her stall looking nice. My girlfriends Gin, Mags and Mary joined me a a bit later on and then we faffed and rearranged our two stalls to try and get them to look inviting and appealing!

The Fair was from 10-2pm and was packed for pretty much the whole time which was great for all the stall holders! We were next to a lovely couple that were selling jams and chutneys and home made scotch eggs and sausages rolls and the smells kept wafting over my way making me really hungry! I couldn't resist in the end and bought a couple of scotch eggs for Si and me to have when I got home later on! They were delish by the way!

There were lots of different stalls which included cards, jewellery, yummy cakes, chilli jam and pickles (my favourite stall) and lots more! I took some shots of some of Kerrie's gifts plus her beautiful display that greeted you when you walked in to the hall. I had hoped that she might not notice if I snuck it into the back of the Landy but alas no, I didn't have the courage to do it!

I was delighted because my Mum and Dad made a special trip to come and see and support me as did my two friends Cat and Becky from work! Becky won a lovely raffle prize which she was really pleased with! I also had a chance to catch up with my friends in the village leaving Mary and Mags to hold the fort! Thank you ladies! We had a very successful day and between us managed to make a good profit! I was delighted as I sold my reindeer and 3 of my stockings as well as some other bits and pieces! Now all I have to do (as well as everything else including work before Christmas) is GET KNITTING & MAKING as I have 10 reindeers to make plus more stock for my next Fair in 2 weeks time! When I got home and after my scotch egg and branston pickle, I did make up a Brighton Rock Rooster yarn reindeer which is small progress at least!

The whole day was a great success for Kerrie and I hope that all the other stall holders enjoyed it as much as we all did! Am looking forward to doing it again next year which I think will be it's 5th year?! How awesome is that!

Oh and one last thing, the honeycomb that I bought from Liz at the Copper Kettle Kitchen stall was THE BEST I HAVE EVER HAD! WOW!!!! A definite need for capital letters me thinks! FOODFACE!!!!


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