Tara Tuesdays - Part 33

Posted on 03 April 2013

I got totally distracted by the Great British Sewing Bee last night so didn't manage to publish Tara Tuesdays actually on a Tuesday, better late than never! Last week, Tara went to the Country Living Spring Fair and I'm intrigued about why she calls Phillippa Forrester Fiona? Is this an in joke I'm not aware of?!  Over to Tara...

Country Living Spring Fair

I was lucky enough to attend the Country Living Spring Fair last weekend as my friend Kerrie was exhibiting there and had also been asked to make up the Garden in the Theatre which I am sure you will agree from this photograph, looked absolutely stunning! There was an identical border on the other side of the Theatre which we had the joy of dismantling at the end of the show!

Anyway, enough of the end, I haven't told you about the beginning yet! Kerrie attended from Wednesday - Sunday and bless her was exhausted by the end of it after having to drive to London and back every day! Her stand looked fabulous and she really enjoyed the whole experience, made lots of new contacts as well as receiving great feedback about the garden too! I was delighted when she asked me to come along and help her on her stand and I was in my element! It felt like a really posh Craft Fair, I even got to use the chip and pin machine and we had a proper wooden float for cash that Kerrie told me was her Grandad's! Phillipa Forrester (or should I say Fiona?!) was on the stall next to us which was very exciting! She was hosting sessions in the Nature and Outdoor Theatre and I also I spotted Catherine Gee from 60 Minute Makeover! Brushing shoulders with the stars as always! I took along some of my stock but it wasn't as busy on the Sunday so we only sold one thing which was disappointing, oh well, there will be other opportunities I am sure!

I was only able to have a very quick look around as we were busy on our stand but I did make some purchases but could have spent a fortune..........Tweed Coat anyone?! There were lots of clothes stalls there and if you were after a new scarf, then this was the show for you! Kerrie and I bought the same scarf (well I copied her actually!) and I also bought some pretty wicker heart boxes and some slate stakes for my garden plants as well as this gorgeous little jug (to help satisfy my jug obsession!) from Charlotte Macey and some fabulous cream and a cleanser from Eternal Skincare which my friend Mary had recommended to me. Poppy Treffry had a stall there and I was very tempted by this bag but resisted, I mean how many bags does one girl need........!!!!!!!!!!

I had such a lovely time and even came away with a little souvenir, my own stall holder badge which I wore with pride!

I am hoping that Kerrie will consider doing the Christmas Fair as this would be amazing! I would probably end up spending more than selling mind, knowing what I am like at Christmas!!!!


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