Tara Tuesdays - Part 13

Posted on 11 July 2012

Note from Emma - sorry for putting Tara Tuesdays on a Wednesday for the second time! Here's the end of the Grand Tour...

So I guess you are all pretty bored by now with having to hear me going on and on and on, keep on rocking baby on and on and on, doobedoo (about my holiday!) Writing this now seems like I never went away as it is early July and I came back from this trip in May! Anyway, we had a great time in Padstow if you recall from last week and as I had sent Em too many pics for last week’s entry, below are just 2 of my fav Padstow one’s for you.

After Padstow we went to Tintagel as we were determined to make full use of our English Heritage membership which I may have mentioned before? Of all the EH places we visited during our trip, for me this was by far the best. I think the fact that we had a beautiful day (although very windy) made it; it would of course been completely different if it had been raining! The sea looked like the Mediterranean (hard to believe it was Cornwall!) and the colours were just amazing as were the views, take a look for yourself! Our final stop before home was Teffont Evias and we stayed at Howard's House Hotel which is in the Good Hotel Guide and had been recommended to us by my Mum-in-law (she has very expensive tastes!) The hotel was great but I was really disappointed with the bathroom in our room. It had one of those shower curtains that stick to you which I was not impressed with. That aside we had a great meal there and breakfast was also delish. I slept really well which was good to prepare me for the home run back to East Sussex.

We stopped off via Stone Henge (you just have to don’t you) and although you couldn’t get near to the stones themselves, I was quite pleased because there were so many tourists, you would have just had loads of shots with people in which just don’t do it for me! We finally got home after collecting the cat who strangely didn’t want to come out of the cattery! What a nice feeling getting home was! When you’ve been away for a while you forget what your house looks like so it was great to be back. Hubby made me photograph all of my purchases which you will see from the pic below I was not amused by! I can honestly say that this was by far my best holiday ever! Although we were exhausted from the driving and travelling, it was well worth it! The car was a legend and got us everywhere safely and I would not hesitate to do another trip like this. Our country is so beautiful; I feel I haven’t even scratched the surface of it!

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