Tara Tuesdays - Part 3

Posted on 01 May 2012

This weeks Tara Tuesday posting, about the second obsession in her life - horse riding!  The Fabric Fruitloops of Crowborough feel we know Bomber as we often hear about him.  I'm not sure we're entirely convinced as to his charms, but T Girl loves him, and he looks rather lovely in here photos!  Over to T Girl...

Ever since I was a little girl I have always LOVED horses. I used to have riding lessons when I was nine years old and thought I looked so cool in my bright yellow wellies and dungarees! I didn’t go for many lessons but enjoyed it so much I hoped and dreamed that I would again one day be able to ride. As Emma has mentioned in her intro and welcome to me on her blog, I am pleased to say that I am lucky enough now to be able to ride at my local stables every week and have been doing so for about 3 years now. Every Saturday I get beside myself with excitement and my heart is in my mouth as I look forward to this part of my week so much! I regularly ride a big black grumpy, lazy Cob called Bomber who I love dearly. When he is in a good mood and on form he goes very well for me, however when my husband and friends have come along to watch me, he always plays up and refuses jumps and just steps over them and we are often sent to the naughty corner of the school by my Instructor which is very embarrassing!

I am the oldest in my group although have moved up from the beginners class which I am quite proud of, but I don’t mind that all the tots whizz round the school and fly over the jumps on their gymkhana ponies! I try my very best every time and am exhausted, very hot and bothered and beetroot faced at the end of it but I don’t care as I am on such a high and full of adrenalin! I am so determined and accept every challenge my Instructor throws at me but in my heart know that I am never going to set the world on fire…..but you may see me at Hickstead one day if you are lucky!

I came across this description of a “Cob (Riding)” in my Observer’s Horses and Ponies book and just had to share it with you as the “Portly” part of it fits me to a tee! Cobs are intended primarily for use as hacks, usually heavy-weight hacks for the more elderly rider, and for whatever the purpose, the riding cob must compare favourably, so far as manners are concerned, with that paragon of equine comportment. It is indeed the ideal ride for the elderly and portly, and is called upon to respect in manners and deportment the not-so-very-young”. Think Thelwell!

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