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Posted on 22 August 2014

We are all excitedly awaiting news of a new member of 'Team Will Work For Cake', Jenny (aka J Lo) is due at any moment and she spent her last few weeks of pregnancy finishing some of her baby projects. Last week she completed her crochet blanket using Rooster DK yarn, it looks beautiful. It had been noted that she originally planned to make a large blanket, but it greatly reduced in size when she realised she could make it baby sized. A shrewd move!

Jenny also called in the troops to help her with a baby supplies door hanger storage thingy. None of us really know what else to call it! We had been shopping to find one, but couldn't find anything other than a hanging shoe rack. So, Jenny chose 'Life In The Jungle' fabric (she doesn't know the sex of the baby so she went for a neutral pattern and colour). Ably assisted by Judi and Sam, they constructed their own. I popped by with the fabric and vilene and a few hours later the finished hanger was ready for use! With the baby's room a little tight on space, the brief was very precise and it was made to measure. Jenny did the sewing herself... with bump providing a little shelf for her pins!


   The week before the Open Day in July, we held a Baby Shower for Jenny, or J Lo as we call her. We transformed the small barn at Tithe Barn into a scene from the Nativity. We had resident Doctor Martin there too, just in case the excitement got too much! Click on the gallery below if you'd like to see how we put on a rustic, barn inspired baby shower! Thank you to Robyn at Stillbrook Designs for putting the beautiful graphic together for me.

Our venue


Watering cans make great vases!

Yep, definitely a baby


The grandmothers to be


Awesome work from Sam, our baby shower garland

The vision was literally ‘baby shower’ – my component was umbrellas… ever tried to hang one straight? Never again…


Baby shower – our rain cloud

The ‘manger’ – just in case!

We love a party


Present opening


Finn tried to give the baby a present, up Jenny’s dress…

One thing we do really well is cake…

lots of cake… and bunting!

Jan’s beautiful baby bunting

Teacups for sweeties, jars for flowers

We decided on a pound present hamper… that grew

Sam’s beautiful baby book

We all wrote messages for baby and advice for the new parents

Jenny’s mum Yvonne made this beautiful teddy bear, who was the star of the show!

We love the barn



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