Tara Tuesdays - Part 44 - The Perils of Pom Pom Production

Posted on 26 August 2014

Craft Heaven at the Yarn Palace

I've been on a MEGA productive streak of late and have made excellent use of my time off during the summer holidays to help pass the time as I haven't had a holiday this year (fetch that violin!). I've been desperately trying (and hitting several brick walls in the process) to finish old projects that I have had on the go for some time. What is it with us crafty folk? I AM TERRIBLE and start SO many things that remain unfinished for AGES. Is it the sheer excitement of starting something new, finding your pattern, picking the yarn or fabric, that you find yourself rushing to try and finish rather than taking your time and enjoying making it, only to end up hating the making up part and sewing of ends in?! I don't know. I know I am not alone here as most of my crafty buddies are exactly the same! One friend told me recently that she was STILL trying to finish a tapestry that she started when her daughter was 18 months old.......she is now 17 years old and she still hasn't finished it! Now that DID make me feel a bit better!

Moving on, I decided to try and actually FINISH some projects before starting anything new. I am trying to build some stock up for a Christmas Fair that my friend is having in November as I don't want to stress myself out come October time realising I haven't actually made anything! So far my stock consists of: stockings, bunting, crochet pot covers, cushions, decorations (unfinished), garlands (unfinished), and knitted reindeer - I have knitted 17 but haven't made any up yet! Actually, reading that back, I don't think I am doing too bad really and should perhaps not be so hard on myself.

But then....cue tumbleweed and everyone stopping and staring at you when you walk into a pub that you are not a local of....I....met....Lois! OH....MY....GOODNESS! I know you all probably think I am a loon, but she is just as bad, IF NOT WORSE! Lois is the sister of one of my re-enactment friends, and we only properly met for the first time at a drinks party (a pub in London) at the back end of last year. We got on immediately and arranged to meet up in the New Year which never came off, but got talking on Facebook after she posted a picture up of her husband in a knitted Star Wars hat THAT SHE DIDN'T MAKE! I have to point that out now as she referred to me then as "O Crafty One". Can you see where I am going with this?

Two weeks ago, the FABULOIS came over to see me for a day of "Craft Heaven at the Yarn Palace" (her words not mine). She had asked me beforehand if she needed to bring anything, I just said "whatever you are working on or nothing if you just want to chat". I knew it was going to be a fun packed day when she arrived at my front door....with this..........

After much hilarity at the trolley (it was full of her current projects), we got down to the important business of the day.....SHOW AND TELL! Being the excited, can't sleep the night before person that I am, in an OCD fashion (most unlike me) I had neatly arranged all of my current projects on my dining room table which was to be our work space for the day....or so I thought!

Apart from excited sweats, masses of hysteria, giddiness, high pitched shrieking, flicking through magazines and books and lots of writing things down in beautiful "to do" list books, we actually were only able to achieve this...

Lois had been telling me about this brilliant contraption that you make pom poms with that she had purchased. She gave me a demo and produced this beauty! HOW WE LAUGHED! Two grown women, beside themselves with crafty excitement only managed to achieve THIS... I must point out that Lois arrived at my house just after 10.30 and the pom pom catastrophe was at 15.55!!!!!!!!!! She did however redeem herself,  by making me a lovely pom pom and giving me one of her "here's what I made earlier" efforts AND by bringing along this beautiful cake which we ate during the day.

I had a go at making pom poms myself as I don't ever remember making them as a child. I was delighted with my efforts and can admit to now being an ADDICT and have since ordered my very own set of pom pom makers.

Not content with seeing Lois two weeks ago, we arranged to meet up again this week as well AND have a date in the diary for next week! This week was as much fun as our first meet. I nearly took the Postman's hand off when my pom pom maker kit arrived, but didn't get to make one until much later in the day... I can see a pattern emerging here! We did have LOTS of show and tells to discuss and it would seem we are most productive when we actually AREN'T together, funny that!

I decided enough was enough and ripped open my Pompom maker kit to have a go at making my own Pompom. In an Attic 24 style, are you ready to see my "ta dah" moment... brace yourself and make sure you are sitting down...

How could it be possible that my pom pom looked just as rubbish as Lois' first attempt! I blame the teacher myself, nothing to do with NOT reading the instructions... ahem!

My second attempt was MUCH better and I know I am going to add pom poms to EVERYTHING from now on! I even saw a kit where you can make 20 IN ONE GO! Can you imagine! Oh the possibilities are endless! No wonder I have trouble sleeping some nights! I am so going to have to get one of these kits!

I will of course keep you posted on my progress with my pom pom projects and all other craft related loveliness that I get up to, so, watch this space!

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