Tara Tuesdays - Part 20

Posted on 04 September 2012

Guilty Pleasures

I don’t know if it is just when you get to a certain age (ahem) that you realise you have accidentally started to collect something when you really have enough stuff already and should be de-cluttering! Or, have you always secretly collected but didn’t realise that you have an obsession for certain things?! Surely I am not alone here as I know that I have a MAHUSIVE collection of both fabric and yarn but think that is just because I have only over the last 4 years or so found my passion for crafting knitted and sewn projects and feel I need to catch up and NEED all of it rather than just WANTING it!

However I have recently realised that I have a bit of an obsession for ceramic jugs and after counting them all up have a mere 22! A small collection I am sure, but it is a bit much when your husband frequently says to you “another jug, what do you want that for?!” or when you have to rearrange the WHOLE kitchen just to display them all as the small collection you originally started with no longer fit on your window sill! I must point out that I have a very odd sized window sill in my kitchen with 2 ledges which sort of step down and I find it hard to put much on them although I have given it a good go! It came to the point where I was looking at my display on the sill every day thinking “that looks rubbish, how else can I display my beautiful jugs?!”

So, without further ado, I have moved my Kilner jars and now have my favourite jugs on display on the shelves that the Kilners were on and have just 3 tiny ones on the window sill and they look fab as they are spread out and not crammed on!

I know exactly where I got all of my collection from and took some shots of them in the garden for you to see as my windows haven't been cleaned (it's on the list!). I am not sure if the sun was working for or against me, perhaps I need to go on a photography course for working with the sun, another thing to add to the ever growing list!

Anyway, here are the pics...

The first picture shows my blue collection. The taller one at the back and the diddy one front right are both from the Burleigh china collection. The taller one was bought in Tunbridge Wells and the diddy one in my local antique shop! The cream one with blue spots was brought from Hazelphron Herb Farm shop in Falmouth, Cornwall and the other two are Polish and came from Buxton, Derbyshire.

The next picture is of my black glazed jug bought from a trader at Bodiam Castle and the other one is from Ardingly Antiques fair!

I think my welsh collection are really nice. The handles are really unusual on these although you can't see them that well in this shot. The blue one came from the shop at Raglan Castle and the other two were also bought from the trader at Bodiam Castle with the black glazed one. I love the way the sun is making the pottery really shine (I had just washed them too so that may have helped!).

The brown jugs both come from a gallery in Harlech, Wales. The smaller one was a second as the glaze didn’t quite cover the handle, not that you would notice unless you know what you are looking for! I banged this jug when we got home from the Grand Tour so hubby expertly super glued it for me and unless you look closely you can’t see the cracks!

The little green jug and saucer came from my Mum-in-law, it was her Mum’s and can be used for mint sauce apparently!

And finally onto my art nouveau/deco style jug, again purchased from my local antique shop!

I haven’t pictured all of them here as I wasn’t sure if people might find this blog entry boring! But I bet it has made you all think about all the things you collect/hoard/ and just can’t bear to throw away!

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