Tara Tuesdays - Part 26

Posted on 16 October 2012

Yes, Tara has been writing on the Emma's Fabric Studio blog for 26 weeks and therefore she deserves a little blog holiday. Well, she is actually resting from her visit to the Knitting and Stitching Show with Mary and Mags on Sunday. I saw her and the girls last night and we agreed that I (Emma) would be the guest writer on Tara's blog.... that she writes for me (Emma) every Tuesday. Confused?!

Tara, Mags Two Jags and Mary Queen of Cakes, all form part of our Fabric Fruitloops of Crowborough along with myself, Ginny (Ginster) and Sue (Super Marathon Runner). We all met through an evening class some years ago now and have remained friends since. Tara was very weary from her Alexandra Palace visit, so we decided that we would jointly photograph all their purchases and they'd all do a 'show and tell'. Well, a show and tell is never a quick affair.

The main hit of the evening were two kits purchased by Mary Queen of Cakes and Tara, from Ingrid Wagner who produces patterns with her 'Big Knit Yarn'. I think a photograph is in order, I can't describe the size of the balls of yarn or the needles!

Yes, that's Tara with her 'super yarn' and Mags with a perfectly normal ball and needles. Tara's circular needles were the size of a small child's arms. She bought a kit to knit a stocking (I think she's expecting some VERY big presents this year - note to her husband!) and Mary bought a kit to make a rug and had four large balls of super yarn. Tara was so excited she started knitting the stocking on the coach on the way home. They were all too polite to tell me who sat next to Tara on the way home from the show, thank goodness those needles were circular. Bet her elbows poked her neighbour in the ribs though. If you ever watch someone knit with giant balls of yarn, pay attention to the grossly exaggerated movements to actually be able to cast on and then proceed to knit!

The girls all bought some fabulous fabric, lots of yarn and bits of haberdashery. Not pictured is Mags' dog poo bag holder, didn't want to lower the tone, even if it was brand new and sparkling!

We then had a little show and tell session from me as Tara had ordered some fabrics:

And then there was Willow, who stole my muffins the first time I ever went to Mary's house. Hmmmm, looking all innocent now!

So, just a short Tara Tuesday blog today, by Emma, with a show and tell from the Knitting and Stitching Show! Back to Tara next week...

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