Tara Tuesdays - Part 27

Posted on 23 October 2012

Project Update

I wasn't quite sure what to write about this week as I am still feeling exhausted after my day out at the K&S show last weekend! What Em (AKA Half Panama Peter - HPP) forgot to say is that we had a 12 hour day which included the coach journey too! As much as I love fabric and yarn shopping, Mags, Mary, Sue and I all agreed that this day out is definitely NOT for the faint hearted!

You may recall seeing my "Big Knit" Christmas stocking kit in progress last week when HPP gave me a much needed week off writing on her blog! Well, this project is supposed to take 2 hours to make up. I purchased the kit from the show as you know and had to go back to the stand to ask how to cast on as I just couldn't do it with those massive needles! Once I knew what I was doing, I did make a start on the coach journey home. However I have to say that knitting 2 stitches together using those needles was REALLY difficult and I did go wrong! Normally, if I make a mistake on a row it is quite straight forward to go back, however with this yarn, it was nigh on impossible! Tongue out and in full concentration mode, I managed to correct the error, and I can't deny it was a massive relief! PHEW!

Come Friday I only had a few more rows to knit and then the top of the stocking. As much as I love my 15 minute commute to work now I am in my new job, I really am missing the time on the train which is when I used to do my the bulk of my knitting! After several glasses of wine and a delish Thai Green curry made by hubby for our friend Dave (of Patchwork Blankie fame in a previous blog) I thought I would just knit a few more rows. Well, I don't know what went wrong but I ended up having to go back SEVERAL rows to correct my errors! Note to self, "don't knit on the biggest needles in the world when you have had lots of wine" because you are bound to make a mistake!

Eventually on Sunday morning I did finish the stocking and am delighted with the end result although will need to redo the loop that I hang it up with as it doesn't seem strong enough. Next up I am going to attempt the rug as my friend Mary has the pattern, I have the needles, all I need now is the yarn!

What do you think of the finished result then?! Lots of goodies can go in here don't you think?!

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