Tara Tuesdays - Part 7

Posted on 30 May 2012

Tara's Grand Tour continues...

So, onto the next part of our adventure! I forgot to mention quite a big thing that happened to us in Yorkshire! We had stopped to park the car and take some pics and I was on the phone to my bank trying to sort out an ISA they had messed up…Anyway, we were all ready to head onto our next place, I picked up the camera that was on the bonnet of the car, thinking the bag was closed, only to find that it wasn’t! £400 worth of camera went flying across the car park! It was one of those stomach in mouth moments!

A VERY stony silence followed all the way to Whitby where we had remembered there was a camera shop. Unfortunately the chap couldn’t fix our broken Canon, so we had to buy a new one! It wasn’t as expensive as the original and only has a 30 x zoom (our Canon has a 35 x!) but it had to do or we would have had nothing for the rest of our trip! It took a bit of time to get used to it and some of the features are better than the Canon, however, now we are back, the Canon is being repaired and will only cost £97!  Result!

Right then, back to the trip. We had a really long, horrible drive to Ramsbottom, hubby was born there and we had been recommended a couple of restaurants that were in the Good Food Guide which really was the only reason we were going! We made really good use of our English Heritage membership during the whole trip and en route went to Riveux Abbey & Helmsley Castle which were both fantastic! Pics of Monks below!

The weather started to close in however and the drive over the Yorkshire Dales was horrendous! Why do people still drive like nutcases when the weather is bad?! It’s enough to put anyone off! We finally arrived at the Old Mill which was a Best Western hotel, a bit basic, but clean and comfortable nonetheless. I had a bit of a red stress neck going by this point, so we went for a quick drink and then got ourselves ready for our evening out. It was pouring with rain; fortunately we didn’t have to walk that far to Ramsons, where we had a six course tasting menu. OMG! Food face, big time! We had amuse bouche’s, seared Shetland scallops, sautéed calves liver, carnaroli rice risotto, flashed fillet of beef, crabtree & stitchleton (cheese) and the best la pana cotta I have ever had! Lashings of wine too! I can highly recommend this place although it is expensive; it was WELL worth the money!

Next day was steamage from Rammy to Bury. Not much else was happening in Rammy although I did find a great Saddlery shop and bought some new jodphurs and gloves! Oh and a lamp with a huge shade that we had to carry round with us for the rest of the trip, hubby wasn’t amused at having to skilfully pack the car every time to fit it in and leave enough room for me to see out of the back of the Landy! The train was fun, hubby enjoyed himself too! Not much happening in Bury so we headed back on the return train although did go to the Museum and saw a fab Lady Butler original painting. We had a pool and jacuzzi in our hotel which we enjoyed before our next event out to Sanmini's which is an Indian restaurant. The poor chap serving us was also cooking, so service was a bit slow! The food was delicious however! Derbyshire was our next location, more on that next time!

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